The more you know yourself, the better you become as a leader

You lead the transformation

Hello, my name is Guilherme Bcheche. I’m a strategic consultant and psychoanalyst for organizational leaders who believe that businesses, big or small, old or new, require self-confident human-beings and reflexive leaders to achieve collective goals and positive impact.

Singularity leads the way

Singularity is the individual uniqueness in difference to social conventions. It brings the dimension of what is unconscious into the open, thus freeing leaders, teams, and organizations from both a perfectionist position and a pre-defined “leadership style”, which can then spur their continuous growth and adaption necessary for business challenges.

Psychoanalytic approach

Every process is completely unique, in its goals, forms and achievements. It’d be naive to summarize a formula or methodology one size fits all. However, it helps if we envision what kind of situations need what type of approach, adapting to the singularity of each case.

Psychoanalysis helps leaders and organizations to translate some incomprehensible phenomena better than any other theory on organizations. It makes it possible to discuss and understanding what happens under the surface, paving the way for sustainable and satisfying changes related to individuals, teams, and their companies.

It illuminates some ways for individuals and organizations to not being prisoners of their past. It gives to unconscious and irrational life the same status of the conscious and rational one, dealing with blind spots and the shadow side in order to become real leaders and enterprises of our time.

For your team

Common dilemmas:

Our board of directors is stuck in

My partners don't get me

My organization is not aligned

Our business is growing and loosing its essence

For you

I don’t see myself in my own business

I'm technically brilliant, but my career seems a little stuck

I feel sad and lacking energy every time I go to work

I feel I can't engage my team towards common goals

Project phases



Time to carefully hear the dilemma and draw a path to reach the declared and the undeclared objectives.



Before jumping to conclusions, I personally tackle the dilemma from multiple standpoints always letting the human aspects speak about their strengths and vulnerabilities.



In every process there is a turning point in which the dilemma is redefined. An insightful moment in which leaders or organizations envision themselves today and picture a brighter future.



In a collaborative and humanized way, that bring out the best of individual and collective installed capacity, bringing to the team the power to transform.



Considering that transformation is permanent, new challenges, dilemmas and opportunities will emerge and I'm always available to provide space for reflections and transitions for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations ask better questions and advance.


Bcheche started his career as an architect in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Then he moved on to business strategy, having worked for McKinsey & Company many years in different parts of the world. In Europe, he dived deep in the world of psychoanalysis, understanding the most fundamental behaviors behind individuals, specially leaders of all kinds of businesses.

Degrees and accomplishments:

Bcheche is a psychoanalyst from the World Association of Psychoanalysis and a member of ISPSO

He is an External Advisor at McKinsey & Company and a professor in Leadership at Fundação Dom Cabral

Bcheche got his master degree at INSEAD with distinction


Feel free to reach me at any time. It's always better to explain our processes and approaches face to face.

Guilherme R. Bcheche
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